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Who we are

Three years ago at the beginning of a new semester at University of New South Wales, a group of young talented and eager software engineers gathered together in a tiny computer lab and discussed the nature of computer design and development. What happened there was nothing but remarkable as a bond began to develop between the students.

Over the years this bond grew stronger and an idea began to form. An idea which shaped itself into an extraordinary philosophy to develop unique and sophisticated software solutions tailored to the needs of it's users. Therefore, as a result metible. was born.

metible. consists of a young group of graduated Software Engineers from UNSW who seek to create simplistic software that is catered towards each client's needs. With over 3 and a bit years of experience under our belt metible. aims to enhance the experience in human and computer interactions.

Our philosophy

"We don't plan to take over the world, we just plan to make I.T better..."

metible. dedicates itself into making flawless and beautiful websites and applications. We believe that by utilizing great design this will lead to shorter learning curves for users and as a result you'll have better and happier users.

Our approach

We know you have a problem and we plan to solve it with I.T, and that's how we plan to help you! Starting with an initial problems analysis, we will figure out the best plan of attack for your problem and figure out what type of I.T solution will best solve this issue.

  • Initial Problems Analysis
  • Requirements Mapping and Development
  • Testing, Revisions and Release

Our skills

Android Application (Cordova)
IT Consultation


Seeing is believing!

There is no better way to convince you of our services than to show you what we've done. If you are still not convinced, check out the detailed descriptions of our services below.

Fully Responsive Websites

In this Smart Phone and Tablet era, a non-responsive website is just plain nuts! We aim to build responsiveness into any website we can get their hands on.

Content Mangement Systems

From building new and tailor CMS to using pre-installed 'off the shelf' software systems like Wordpress, metible. will find the correct system for you.

Web & Mobile Applications

Got an idea for a web or mobile application? We can make it work for you! Using Phonegap (Cordova) or PHP we are quite confident we can turn your idea into reality.

Extensive Documentation

We all know not everyone is tech-savy and so here at metible. we promise that every system we provide comes with extensive documentation on how to use the product.

Plan of Attack


Help us figure out the problem, by answering a few of our questions, we can help analyse your business and find the correct I.T solution that will suit you.


Upon agreeing on the provided solution, we will then begin breaking down the answer into it's more finer details.

Product Requirements

Diving into the solution, we will help you list out all the Business requirements and map them to the Relational Functional requirements.

Development and Implementation

Ok it's GO time! Here we will utilize the Agile Methodology and start implementing a physical solution for you.

Revisions and Installation

Don't like what we've made, or do you want a few minor tweaks? No problem, we cater to fixing your problems in our revisions. After you're happy with the product we'll take it live.

We're Online!

It's done! After the installation we will provide you with the documentation and schedule in a training session in order to hand over the product to you.

Our Partners

We would love to work with you! If you got a problem that needs solving and you require our assistance, give us a call or email either Wilson or Tim and we can work together to fix it.
KwikWeb is a Sydney based web development agency that specializes in premium WordPress, Magento and Drupal websites and plugins. Our partnership with KwikWeb provides you with the ability to utilize the skills and utilities of both metible. and KwikWeb in developing the ideal website for you.
Yuka Yanai is a talented Freelance Graphic Designer located in Sydney, Australia who excels in Web and Print design. Her minimalism philosophy provides her with the ability to create some of the most amazing user interfaces we have ever seen.

Our Awesome Projects

Over the past couple of years our company has worked on some amazing solutions for businesses around the Sydney area.


Want a quote? Or just want a general enquiry about a problem you're facing, why not send us an email! Fill out the below form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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